If an individual in Wichita does not have cash or property sufficient to cover the face amount of bail, they can use the services of a bail agent like Greenfeather Bail Bonds. The bail agent will negotiate to secure the release of the accused individual in return for a fee, usually a percentage of the face amount of the bail.

The arrested individual may also be required to provide a co-signor that will take responsibility for the face amount of bail.

What Is A Surety?

A surety is a type of bail bond. When someone refers to a surety,they are usually referring to a bail bond that was arranged through a bond company rather than with cash or property. It works the same as any other bail bond. It is a financial stake made by a bond company behalf of adefendant with the purposeof guaranteeing the defendant’s appearance in court on their scheduled dates. Failure to appear by the defendant will result in bond forfeiture.

House Arrest

Greenfeather Bail Bonds provides house arrest monitoring service to Wichita and the surrounding counties, including:
  • Butler
  • Harvey
  • Sedgwick
  • Sumner
  • Barber
  • Harper
  • Pratt
  • Kingman
If you are in need of house arrest monitoring, we provide electronic monitoring through Omnilink.